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    The 2017 Season is upon us!!

Although last season ended with a disappointing 4-4 record, especially when considering the tremendous start and the amazing talent we had, I think we all learned valuable lessons about ourselves as individuals and as a program that should enable us to find greater success this season and in the future. That is the goal for myself and our staff going into our second year with me as your Head Coach and is what we expect and will demand from our players and everyone involved with Rucker Football. 

Mediocrity is unacceptable at here at Rucker! We WILL be more successful this season than last season! And our players WILL be even more prepared to succeed in the future at the next level. 

The good news is that the mission to achieve this goal has already been started by most of you. I can't thank those of you enough who participated in our Krispy Kreme fundraiser and helped us raise over $1,300 toward the cost of a brand new blocking sled. If there's one lesson we learned last year it's that our blocking and aggressiveness on the offensive line must improve in order to have greater success. 

Expect another fundraising effort or two to arise during the season as well as requests for further parent participation in the way of a team mom(s), pre-game meals, home game chain gang, video crew, etc.. More info and announcements to come in this regard. 

Another key to our improved success this year has been the fact that many of our players from last season have been working out in the weight room consistently since February twice a week with the Bruins players and coaching staff in preparation for this season. 

I'm proud of all the hard work that everyone's put in so far and it will indeed pay off down the road, but that said; We've only just begun!

The following are the dates and times in which participation in pre-season workouts is expected of all players who wish to try out for the team:       (All Workouts will be held at LHS Rice Building unless otherwise noted; all workouts in June and July at LHS will include both Breakfast and Lunch provided at no cost)

5/18 - Bruins Spring Game @ Stadium - 6:00pm - All Should Attend! - Our Primary Goal as a Middle School Program is to prepare you to play at the High School level and to be a Bruin in particular. As a result we will be running the exact same plays and schemes in all 3 phases of the game as they do. The Spring Game is a good "heads up" as to what you can expect our practices and games to look like and the style of play you will be learning as a Ram. 

6/6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28 - 8am-12pm

7/11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26 - 8am-12pm 

8/7-11 - Tryouts (No Pads) @ AR Rucker * ALL ATHLETES MUST HAVE AN UPDATED PHYSICAL TO TRYOUT (physicals completed between 5/1 and 8/5 are good for all sports throughout the school year, all players should get their physicals during this time or between these dates) Physical forms can be attained from myself, Coach Elder, or Coach Winters. 

* All dates and times are subject to change and missing one or two dates due to circumstances such as planned vacation, emergencies, or other conflicts is understandable. However, please inform a coach BEFORE missing a workout. 

* These workouts are critical to our success and will involve not just lifting weights but improvement of our football skills and abilities by focusing on five elements I call SSACC:

-Speed, Strength, Agility, Conditioning, and Commitment

* Attendance will be taken and Commitment considered when it comes time to select a final roster in August! 

    Once again this year we are blessed with 3 of the finest coaches any program could ask for at this or any level: 

Aaron Cureton: Special Teams Coordinator, QB's, DB's

Doug Kirkland: Defensive Coordinator, DB's, WR's

Palmer Hudson: Offensive Coordinator, OL, DL

 Our season schedule will be located and updated on the calendar to the right.  

We will be spending time in the classroom taking mental reps on the board and on paper in our notebooks in the pre-season and at the beginning of each week so come prepared with a writing utensil and we'll provide the notebooks.  Also, due to inclement weather at times, in addition to cleats; always make sure you have tennis shoes, gym shorts and a t-shirt (preferably school colors - white, navy, carolina blue); in case we have to practice indoors.  A "spirit-pack" of gym shorts, t-shirt, and hopefully socks will be offered for sale before the start of the season. Those who sold 10 or more doughnut certificates will of course receive theirs for free. 

    Looking forward to a greater season this year and establishing a new-era of Football dominance at Rucker.  


Coach Kmieciak


Image of Coach Kmieciak.

2017 Rucker Football Calendar