Dress Code

The traditional middle school uniform dress code has been suspended. In its place, Rucker students should follow our school board's dress code policy (see below) for the 2022-23 school year.

DressCode (1).pdf

Please refer to the detailed list of appropriate clothing (p. 8-9 of the Student Handbook).


  • No tight/loose/revealing clothing.

  • When leggings or biker shorts are worn, shirts must cover the buttocks.

  • No pants or shorts with holes above the knees

  • No pajama pants can be worn to school.

  • No inappropriate images/phrases on clothing

  • Shorts, dresses, and skirts can be no shorter than the tip of your middle finger, when your arms are at your side. (running shorts, soffe shorts, and short shorts are prohibited)

  • No head coverings: hats/caps/toboggans/hoods/scarves/weave caps/bandanas will not be worn in the school building. Hoods can not be worn, partially or fully on your head, in the building.


  • Shoes should not have lights or wheels

  • Bedroom shoes or shoes with cleats are not allowed

Students are expected to meet the dress code requirements each day. Dress code violations begin as a level one offense and become more serious with each infraction. The guidelines stated above are not all inclusive, and administrative discretion will be used on issues not addressed.


The administration of AR Rucker Middle School would like to thank you for voicing your concerns, in regards to the dress code policy. All of your concerns have been heard and we have made the following addendum to the dress code policy:

Students are not allowed to have holes above their knees. A hole is defined as an area of the pants that would display skin, if it is not covered with a cloth or other garment.

No leggings, tights, biker shorts, boxer shorts, etc. can be worn to cover holes above your knees.

Pants that are made with ragged areas and covered with a sewn-in patch are acceptable, as long as no skin can be seen.